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Organic Shea Butter & Aloe Hair Pomade


This Organic Shea Butter and Aloe Hair Pomade will style your hair and give it shine. Shea butter is like a superfood for your skin and hair. It has a high concentration vitamins and fatty acids that nourish your scalp and hair. It conditions hair and leaves it softer and more manageable. It helps reduce inflammation of the scalp and promotes healthier hair follicles. It boosts the collagen of your hair. It hydrates your help and repairs damage done from blow driers and curling irons.
Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years to moisturize skin and hair. It heals dry flaky scalps. It soothes sunburns, rashes and other scalp irritations. It repairs damage done to hair from the sun and heat. It has properties similar to keratin and promotes hair growth and health. It deeply moisturizes and conditions hair. Style your hair, protect if from damage, get softer, more manageable hair the natural way with this organic shea butter and aloe hair pomade.

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