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Organic Indian Hemp & Jojoba Hair Pomade


This Organic Indian Hemp and Jojoba Hair Pomade will style your hair and give it shine. Indian Hemp has number of beneficial properties for your hair. It has fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, and 9) that stimulate hair growth. It has natural proteins contribute to the production of keratin. Those same fatty acids and proteins also strengthen your hair and prevent damage. The fortifying properties (gamma linoleic acid) also help fight split ends. The lipids in hemp oil moisturize your hair and add body.
Jojoba is also highly beneficial for your hair. It is composed of 97% monounsaturated fats that provide nutrients and moisture for your hair. It is nearly identical to the sebum that is produced by sebaceous glands. It provides a protective barrier for hair shafts and hydrates them. It contains vitamins B and E, as well as zinc, which encourage hair growth. Style your hair, stimulate hair growth and get healthy hair the natural way with this organic Indian Hemp and Jojoba Hair Pomade. 

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