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Bright Crystal Type Fragrance Oil (W) 1 fl.oz. Roll On Bottle


Bright Crystal Type Fragrance Oil (W) is a youthful, feminine scent that is like a warm summer day. It contains a lush blend of citrus notes like Yuzu, floral notes like magnolia and lotus, fresh notes of iced accord and exotic notes of vegetal amber. It is an ideal scent for the young, modern woman who has a bold, bright personality. The sweet warmth of the scent makes it perfect for a warm summer day. Bright Crystal contains top notes of pomegranate, the citrus kick of yuzu, and iced accord. It contains heart notes of magnolia, exotic lotus and peony. It finishes with base notes of vegetal amber, exotic musks and mahogany.

Our Fragrance oil/body oils listed in this website are inspired by the designer perfumes, which are the trademarks of their respective owners. We do not have any associations with them nor are we are claiming that the fragrance oils are designed by them.

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