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Almond Essential Oil (Sweet) - 4 fl oz

Anti-Inflammatory - It reduces inflammation topically and also when ingested.

Anti-oxidant - Almond oil possesses mild antioxidant capacity.
Immune Booster - Topical as well as internal application of sweet almond oil boosts immunity and provides robust protection from various diseases.
Anti-hepatotoxic - Almond oil is known to aid the liver in eliminating toxins. This is also performed by castor oil.
Emollient - excellent moisturization property. It is used to eliminate excessively dry skin.
Sclerosant - Used to treat vascular issues like spider veins, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
Laxative - promotes defecation and relieves constipation. This laxative action is mild as compared to stronger laxatives like castor oil. Analgesic - almond oil is a mild pain reliever
Muscle Relaxation - massage with almond oil soothes stressed and sore muscles.
Cicatrizant - helps wounds heal faster. Anti-dandruff - it dissolves away dandruff from the scalp.

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